A Mother’s Touch

Mother's touch

 A Mother’s Touch

Mother's touch
“Oh that God would give every mother a vision of the glory and splendor of the work that is given to her when a babe is placed in her bosom to be nursed and trained! Could she have but one glimpse in to the future of that life as it reaches on into eternity; could she look into its soul to see its possibilities; could she be made to understand her own personal responsibility for the training of this child, for the development of its life, and for its destiny,–she would see that in all God’s world there is no other work so noble and so worthy of her best powers, and she would commit to no others hands the sacred and holy trust given to her.” -JR Miller

In our homes, mothers bring joy, freshness and love. Mothers nurture the precious budding souls in their homes. Maybe this is the reason little ones seek out mothers touch. There is a need for children to lean into mom, or sit in her lap, or have their ouchies kissed.

Mother's touch

I read somewhere that the amount of time a child needs to be touched by mother is proportionate to how old the child is. A one year old, needs to be touched every hour. A four year old, every 4 hours and so on. I would venture to say it needs to be more than that. Touch your children constantly…even the teens. The teens may act like they don’t want it but do it anyway!

Mother's touchTouch stimulates brain activity. Could hugging make our kids smarter?

Studies show mother child touch in underweight babies has positive effects on the baby’s temperature and breathing.

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Alkaline or Acid?

Alkaline or Acid?

Alkaline or Acid?Alkaline or Acid?

What is pH?

A quick chemistry lesson: pH is a measurement of acidity or alkalinity. The pH scale runs from 0-14 with 7 in the middle being neutral. Everything below 7 is “Acid”, the lower the number the more acidic and everything above 7 is “Alkaline”. Most experts agree that ideal health exists when the pH of the general body fluids is around 7 or slightly above.

If you are eating too many acidic foods you may be setting yourself up for illness. Here is a list of alkaline and acid foods. Lists don’t always agree but this list will give you a general idea of what you need to be eating more of. You may be eating all the wrong foods.

You can balance out higher acidic foods by eating more of the alkaline foods within reason. Just remember a healthier diet consists of more alkaline foods.

It is amazing how much better you feel when you eat more alkaline foods.

Digestzen Essential Oil

Essential Oils

Digestzen Essential OilEverything is flowing smoothly as your day takes off. The kids are about ready to head out the door to school and you have a day ahead of you that is filled with a myriad of different things. All of a sudden, one of the kiddies complains they have a tummy ache. I can tell you on a number of occasions this has happened to me. I rub a couple of drops of Digestzen essential oil on their tummy and it doesn’t take long before they say they feel fine. Peppermint can help with that also. I think the Peppermint smells a lot better but sometimes the Digestzen is more effective. Give it a try!


Can I just say that I LOVE Essential oils. So often I am able to treat various ailments with them and not resort to regular medication. Even the kids come to me for ‘oils’ instead of the regular meds.

Essential Oils

Peppermint is one of my favorite oils. It has a nice smell and helps with a number of problems.  If I have an upset stomach I will first try putting a drop on my tongue.  If that doesn’t do the trick, I rub the Digestzen on my abdomen. Peppermint also eases my headaches. I get frequent headaches, often rubbing the peppermint on the spot and the back of my neck will take the edge off. I will mention that I like layering PeppermintFrankincense, and Lavender for the headaches.  An added bonus of the Peppermint on the tongue is it gives you nice breath.  The kids say the Peppermint is hot on their tongue so use care.

Glorious Sun


SunshineThe glorious sun.. Sunshine is good for you in many ways. Obviously, we need to be cautious with the danger of skin cancer. Here are some wonderful benefits of partaking of the gift of sunshine:

1. We get a large portion of our Vitamin D from the sun. Vitamin D is essential for absorbing calcium; in essence it helps keep bone and teeth healthy.

2. Sun can boost our level of serotonin, which is a happy hormone.  Mayo Clinic explains serotonin here.

3. The higher serotonin levels due to sun exposure help suppress appetite.

3. Being outside in sunshine warms your muscles which can reduce pain and stiffness.

4. A small amount of sun exposure (5 -15 minutes) unprotected can aid in later protection from sunrays.

5. Sunrays can aid in treating jaundice.

6. Sun helps the kidneys through the elimination of waste with sweating.

7. Studies have shown that lowered levels of Vitamin D can cause a rise in Cholesterol levels.

These are some pretty wonderful reasons to get outside! I have only listed a few of the many great health benefits of the sun. Remember to be cautious of the damaging effects of the sun.

My husband and I feel so proud of ourselves when we get our 15 or so minutes of sunshine!

Don’t forget the mouthwash


MouthwashDon’t forget the mouthwash!

The last several years I have insisted on the children using mouthwash after each time they brush their teeth. Wow, does that make a difference in their dental check-ups!! I needed to teach them not to swallow it, which wasn’t much of a problem. Sometimes they would be walking out the door for school and couldn’t say goodbye because they wanted to swish that stuff on their way to school..haha. There seems to be several benefits to daily mouth washing:

1. strengthens teeth

2. Seems to whiten teeth

3. Helps with bad breath

4. Fights plaque

Not all mouthwash is created equal, so that is worth looking into. For such little time, mouth washing pitches a major punch to your dental health.  Don’t forget to floss!

“The benefits of mouthwash, sometimes referred to as mouth rinse, include the ability to freshen one’s breath, kill bacteria that may contribute to tooth decay and gum disease, and loosen debris on and between teeth. In some cases, a mouthwash may also be formulated to provide additional benefits, such as tooth whitening. It should be noted that the benefits of mouthwash vary according to its formulations. Some mouthwashes primarily act to freshen breath and may not include the ingredients needed to protect a person’s teeth and gums. Those who are concerned about receiving the full benefits of mouthwash should consult the primary professional organization for dentists in their jurisdiction to find out which mouthwashes it has approved for maintaining oral health.” Wisegeek

Body Language

Body Language

Body Language

Body language says it all…almost.

Experts say that if you took 100 % of the communication we receive:

7 % of communication is ‘received’ by words

38 % of communication is ‘received’ by sounds

55 % communication is ‘received’ by body language

That is huge!! How are people reading you? It makes me want to stop and consider what body language I am using as I interact with my children and for that matter my husband. Could I be giving signals I didn’t intend? To be an engaged parent it takes A LOT of listening.

Body Language

Do you ever catch yourself doing the blank stare after a 15 minute monologue from one of the children about something they love which you may not (like Pokémon or superheroes)? I think I will try to do a little more POSITIVE body language these days. Notice those around you. We are all quite masterful at our body language communication.





As much as we may not want to believe it, happiness is a choice. Life gets really hard at times. Things happen where we feel beat up emotionally. These are the times we need to pause, take a deep breath, then reflect on our life. Are there things we could change that are adding to our distress? Do we need to change things that are causing us unhappiness? Sometimes there are big things. Sometimes it’s just the little things that get to me. Silly little things. But it doesn’t make the way you are feeling any less real. Can I just say that even the mundane household chores day after day are enough to send me into fits. Honestly, how many times do I have to wash the same dishes or pick up the same shoes? There IS happiness for us.  It is what God wants. 


I love this quote, which brings hope to me when things look bleak:

“Happiness is the object and design of our existence; and will be the end thereof, if we pursue the path that leads to it…” –Joseph Smith Jr.



Honey by Hillary Stein



The other day I was reading about natural honey (since I love sweets!) and came across some really cool facts I thought I would share. Natural honey is wonderful as a food and also as a medicine. There are many different grades of honey, depending on factors such as where it is sourced and what containers it was stored in.

  • While honey is sweet like white sugar, it is unique in that it also has small amounts of nutrients our bodies need for healthy living including: calcium, potassium, magnesium, and folic acid.


  • Honey is a source of antioxidants which aids in protecting against some diseases. The quality of the antioxidants depends partially on the floral source of the honey. The darker honeys are known to have a higher antioxidant content.


  • Honey is a great sports activity enhancer because of its high energy boosting ability. Plus, it is a lot cheaper than commercially sold sports bars and drinks. Because honey is in a pre-digested form it is directly absorbed into the body unlike refined sugar which needs to go through normal digestion.


  • A recent study showed there is an antibacterial property to honey which makes it a better choice than refined sugar when it comes to tooth decay. Fruit juice starts to erode the tooth enamel ten minutes after consumption. Honey showed a delayed reaction on the teeth of 30 minutes, and the prominence of the erosion was less.

These facts make it highly worth substituting honey in some foods for other sweeteners. So for that next peanut butter sandwich opt out of jam and bring on the honey!

Because of the possible presence of botulinum , infants under 1 year old should not be feed honey.






I am not sure why it has taken me so long to post about yoga.  It’s a love of mine. The incredible sense of wellbeing after I attend a yoga class is almost addictive. Let me mention some of the benefits:

1. Deliberate breathing to match movement enhances the sense of wellbeing.

2. Yoga is strength training. Yes, it strains the muscles. I used to think of yoga as poses that looked like a human pretzel.  It is that for some, but there is much more to it.

3. Part of yoga practice includes balance. With patience in yourself and practice, the balance comes.  Balance manifests itself in many things in life. My husband marvels at my balance as I maneuver my bike around tricky areas where he has to get off of his bike.

4. I love the stretching portion of yoga. It doesn’t matter how flexible or not you are. Practice shows improvement.  In turn, this helps guard against injury.

5. Perhaps my favorite part of yoga is practicing calming my mind…a difficult task in this whirlwind life. Also, you can have a deeper sleep because of the relaxation that accompanies yoga practice. Yes!

Find a class! It is difficult at first, so give it time and I think you will end up loving it too!

Great Grains

Great Grains

Great Grains

Great Grains!

Grains that I have tried and really liked are:

  • Spelt               Pricey, but delicious in bread, use in cookies but you need a little more flour than if you use wheat flour. (grind)
  • Quinoa          Considered a perfect food–I put a small amount of quinoa in with rice every time I cook rice.
  • Kamut          Use in coffee cake, muffins or bread. (grind)
  • Oats               The less processed the oats are, the better they are for you (for instance, rolled oats are better than quick).
  • Buckwheat Use in small amounts because of the strong taste. (grind)
  • Wheat          Substitute out some white for wheat flour in most everything you cook.  Use White Wheat, it is more alkaline (which is what you want), Red Wheat is more acidic. (grind)
  • Corn              Try ground corn in corn bread with spelt flour. (grind)
  • Brown Rice Cook a little longer than white rice.
  • Barley           Use whole barley for sprouting.

Add grains in SLOWLY if you are not used to them.  If you don’t, you may end up with a stomach ache.

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