Cran-Raspberry Mint Lemonade

cran-raspberry lemonade


This is SO GOOD! cran-raspberry lemonade



































This is a version of my fabulous sister-in-law’s recipe.  Grow some mint and try this. Mint is very easy to grow but be selective where you put it because it is invasive. This is a great container plant.


Mint Syrup

1 ½ C sugar

1 C water

6-8 sprigs of fresh mint

Combine water and sugar. Bring to boil to dissolve sugar. Remove from heat and add mint. Let sit for several minutes. Strain leave

Fresh pureed fruit (raspberry or strawberry is wonderful) you can use frozen

1 Can of lemonade or fresh lemon juice, water and sugar to taste

1/4 Can of cranberry juice (adding water to taste)

Mix and serve chilled

Parent Payback

parent payback
parent payback

parent payback

Parent Payback

Every once in a while, don’t you just bask in the parent payback?  Sometimes it doesn’t come around as much as I would like it to!  But, if you are lucky it may come. I was reading through some of my old journal entries and found one that almost made me giggle. My little pre-teen can be quite volatile in his moods these days and will act like I pretty much just bug him. This is what he said to me about a year and a half ago, “Mom, I feel bad for kids that don’t have you for a mom, don’t you?”  I am hoping that maybe, possibly, hopefully he still feels that on occasion:).

Viking Dinner – Fun Dinner Idea

Viking Dinner

Viking DinnerViking Dinner -

It is great fun to throw the kids for a loop once in a while. Try something really out of the ordinary. The kids love the unexpected. When the normal is, mom cajoling for chores to be done and dad coming home tired from work, it is easy to come up with a shocker. I covered the table with a plastic tablecloth. When it was time for dinner, we called the children. The kicker was my hubby decked out in medieval clothing. I dressed the part too, but my husband outdid himself.Viking Dinner

When the children were seated, we slopped a glob of spaghetti on the table in front of them. They had to eat with their hands. For drink they cupped their hands as we poured water into them to slurp. Honestly, we had more fun than the kids. Well, maybe not…those teenagers ate it up :) .

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