Drink Water!

Drink Water

Drink Water

Drink Water! “Water (check out the link) is your body’s principal chemical component and makes up about 60 percent of your body weight. Every system in your body depends on water. For example, water flushes toxins out of vital organs, carries nutrients to your cells and provides a moist environment for ear, nose and throat tissues.” …Mayo Clinic

Weight loss

One of the benefits of drinking water is you are replacing high-calorie drinks such as juice or soda. Often when we think we are hungry, we are actually thirsty. With water having no calories, it makes a perfect choice and can help suppress appetite when drinking it before eating.


If you are thirsty, you are already dehydrated. Dehydration can leave you feeling tired. Water helps rev up energy.


Another symptom of dehydration is headaches. Obviously, there are many reasons for headaches, but dehydration is a common cause.

Skin (check out the link)

Drinking water can clear up your skin and people often report a healthy glow after drinking water. If there is a buildup of toxins that have not been properly eliminated via kidneys they get flushed through the skin and acne results.


Water, along with fiber can help with constipation, which is often a result of dehydration. Our digestive system needs plenty of water to digest food properly. Also, water can help cure stomach acid problems.


Water is used by the body to help flush out toxins and waste products from the body.

NONCASH Charitable Donations –tax info–

NONCASH Charitable Donations –tax info–

Tax Tips

We live in a “throw away” society. I personally feel satisfaction when I can donate something of value that can be used by someone else. I usually take between a $1000 to $2500 deduction per year for non-cash donations.


When I was in high school, my friend’s grandpa was the manager of the Ogden Deseret Industries. My friends and I were able to get part-time jobs driving trucks and picking up appliances. That job gave me a first-hand witness of the blessing of this organization in providing work to handicapped people.


Remember, the donations need to be to qualified charities and no deduction is allowed for a charitable contribution of clothing or household items unless the clothing or household item is in good used condition or better. The IRS is authorized by regulation to deny a deduction for any contribution of clothing or a household item that has minimal monetary value, such as used socks and undergarments.

 Planning Tip: Most cell phones today can take pictures. Take a picture of all items donated.

Keep the electronic pictures for proof the items were in good or better condition at

the time they were donated.


Recordkeeping Rules for Charitable Contributions

To help substantiate a deduction for the fair market value of used items donated to charity,

make a list of each item donated on a separate sheet of paper along with the following



• Name and address of charity.

• Date items were donated to the charity.

• Description of each item donated.

• Fair market value of each item at the time they were donated (email me and I can send you a guide).

• Date each donated item was originally purchased or acquired.

• Cost or other basis of each item donated.




PS Email me if you would like to get a Guide of the Fair Market Value of Donated Items

Mom Moments

Mom Moments

Mom MomentsIt was just yesterday that I was a young mom, struggling with the diapers, nighttime wake-up calls, spit up on my blouse, cranky kids, and potty training. No really, it was just yesterday. I know it was literally years ago for most of my kids (I do still have fairly young ones), but my mind tells me it was yesterday. This allotment of time we have been given, isn’t always cherished.  I mean, come on, cherish messy diapers? Believe it or not, I’ll take the dirty diapers, to have those babies. There is nothing in the world like holding a new-born baby…


So, hang on through the rough stuff and love and cherish the time you have with your little ones.  Big ones too.  They go before you know it. I happen to be in about every stage of life there is. Mom, grandma, little kids, big kids, middle kids, son-in-laws, grand kids, daughter-in-laws.  I guess what I am trying to say is, stop and think about what you are spending your time on. Is it really worth it? You can’t re-live those minutes or hours. My 9-year-old will NEVER EVER be 9 again.Mom Moments

Pass it forward

Pass it forward

Pass it forwardPass it forward

We have one life.  There is no way around that fact.  That said, how are you going to spend this limited gift?  Have you stopped to think about how wrapped up we get in our little sphere of life? I want you to try something.  Just try it. You will be amazed at how you feel afterwards.  Do something unexpectedly nice for someone.  This could be anyone.    The other day I noticed a woman in a dressing room in a discount store juggling clothing to try on with little ones in tow.  She noticed another woman bringing in a top and mentioned to her that she loved the top and asked where it was located in the store.  The woman that had the shirt, promptly went out and found 3 sizes of the mentioned shirt for the mother to try on, handing them to her over the door.  The woman with the children was astonished and thanked her profusely. It really warmed my heart to see the exchange between the two women. You’ve heard of the infamous ‘pass it forward’.  Has it happened to you? Try something! Step outside your comfort zone and show kindness to another.

Kale-I Want Some!


KaleKale. What a super food! It is so rich in vitamins-A, in particular. I grow this right outside my backdoor so I can quickly pop outside and grab a few leaves to add to salad.  An herb garden close to your home is wonderful for convenience in adding fresh herbs to your diet. Grow it right outside your back door if you can.  The more convenient they are, the more you will end up using the fresh herbs. My favorites are parsley, rosemary, oregano, basil, chives, and mint. I have a fabulous strawberry mint recipe I got from my sister-in-law, who is an amazing cook, and who also happens to have my same first and last name! That recipe will be in a following post. REMEMBER, CONVENIENCE IS KEY!

Tuscan Kale Chips

(Adapted from Bon Appétit)

A bunch of Tuscan kale leaves (also referred to as lacinato kale), rinsed, dried and thick part of stems cut off

olive oil


Preheat oven to 250°F. Toss kale with oil in large bowl. Sprinkle with salt. Arrange leaves in single layer on 2 large baking sheets. Bake until crisp, about 30 minutes for flat leaves and up to 33 minutes for wrinkled leaves. Transfer leaves to rack to cool slightly then dig in!



A reminder about POSTURE…


Our posture affects us more than we might think. There are many causes for ‘bad’ posture including: tight muscles, overweight, and sleeping positions. Here (Mayo Clinic)  are some great tips for working on improving your posture. Use a pillow between your knees if you are a side sleeper. Regularly stretch your neck, back, shoulder and pectoral muscles. Stand straight and elongate your spine, lifting your head up. Of course, you don’t want to make it so you are uncomfortable, but it improves your posture immensely. Plus, you feel more confident. It also looks more attractive.

A Mother’s Touch

Mother's touch

 A Mother’s Touch

Mother's touch
“Oh that God would give every mother a vision of the glory and splendor of the work that is given to her when a babe is placed in her bosom to be nursed and trained! Could she have but one glimpse in to the future of that life as it reaches on into eternity; could she look into its soul to see its possibilities; could she be made to understand her own personal responsibility for the training of this child, for the development of its life, and for its destiny,–she would see that in all God’s world there is no other work so noble and so worthy of her best powers, and she would commit to no others hands the sacred and holy trust given to her.” -JR Miller

In our homes, mothers bring joy, freshness and love. Mothers nurture the precious budding souls in their homes. Maybe this is the reason little ones seek out mothers touch. There is a need for children to lean into mom, or sit in her lap, or have their ouchies kissed.

Mother's touch

I read somewhere that the amount of time a child needs to be touched by mother is proportionate to how old the child is. A one year old, needs to be touched every hour. A four year old, every 4 hours and so on. I would venture to say it needs to be more than that. Touch your children constantly…even the teens. The teens may act like they don’t want it but do it anyway!

Mother's touchTouch stimulates brain activity. Could hugging make our kids smarter?

Studies show mother child touch in underweight babies has positive effects on the baby’s temperature and breathing.

IMG_2214-2 XL

Alkaline or Acid?

Alkaline or Acid?

Alkaline or Acid?Alkaline or Acid?

What is pH?

A quick chemistry lesson: pH is a measurement of acidity or alkalinity. The pH scale runs from 0-14 with 7 in the middle being neutral. Everything below 7 is “Acid”, the lower the number the more acidic and everything above 7 is “Alkaline”. Most experts agree that ideal health exists when the pH of the general body fluids is around 7 or slightly above.

If you are eating too many acidic foods you may be setting yourself up for illness. Here is a list of alkaline and acid foods. Lists don’t always agree but this list will give you a general idea of what you need to be eating more of. You may be eating all the wrong foods.

You can balance out higher acidic foods by eating more of the alkaline foods within reason. Just remember a healthier diet consists of more alkaline foods.

It is amazing how much better you feel when you eat more alkaline foods.

Digestzen Essential Oil

Essential Oils

Digestzen Essential OilEverything is flowing smoothly as your day takes off. The kids are about ready to head out the door to school and you have a day ahead of you that is filled with a myriad of different things. All of a sudden, one of the kiddies complains they have a tummy ache. I can tell you on a number of occasions this has happened to me. I rub a couple of drops of Digestzen essential oil on their tummy and it doesn’t take long before they say they feel fine. Peppermint can help with that also. I think the Peppermint smells a lot better but sometimes the Digestzen is more effective. Give it a try!


Can I just say that I LOVE Essential oils. So often I am able to treat various ailments with them and not resort to regular medication. Even the kids come to me for ‘oils’ instead of the regular meds.

Essential Oils

Peppermint is one of my favorite oils. It has a nice smell and helps with a number of problems.  If I have an upset stomach I will first try putting a drop on my tongue.  If that doesn’t do the trick, I rub the Digestzen on my abdomen. Peppermint also eases my headaches. I get frequent headaches, often rubbing the peppermint on the spot and the back of my neck will take the edge off. I will mention that I like layering PeppermintFrankincense, and Lavender for the headaches.  An added bonus of the Peppermint on the tongue is it gives you nice breath.  The kids say the Peppermint is hot on their tongue so use care.

Glorious Sun


SunshineThe glorious sun.. Sunshine is good for you in many ways. Obviously, we need to be cautious with the danger of skin cancer. Here are some wonderful benefits of partaking of the gift of sunshine:

1. We get a large portion of our Vitamin D from the sun. Vitamin D is essential for absorbing calcium; in essence it helps keep bone and teeth healthy.

2. Sun can boost our level of serotonin, which is a happy hormone.  Mayo Clinic explains serotonin here.

3. The higher serotonin levels due to sun exposure help suppress appetite.

3. Being outside in sunshine warms your muscles which can reduce pain and stiffness.

4. A small amount of sun exposure (5 -15 minutes) unprotected can aid in later protection from sunrays.

5. Sunrays can aid in treating jaundice.

6. Sun helps the kidneys through the elimination of waste with sweating.

7. Studies have shown that lowered levels of Vitamin D can cause a rise in Cholesterol levels.

These are some pretty wonderful reasons to get outside! I have only listed a few of the many great health benefits of the sun. Remember to be cautious of the damaging effects of the sun.

My husband and I feel so proud of ourselves when we get our 15 or so minutes of sunshine!

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