First Attempt at Poetry


PoemHmmm, so I’ve had a few requests for more of my writing attempts…And I mean ATTEMPTS!! So, I guess I will throw another piece out there. This poem was written in the winter when I was longing for heat.


Laying still and warm

Beneath scorching suns harm.

My mind is sagging,

Senses drift languidly.

Pictures swim fluidly

On my mind’s stage,

Images dash away

With stark screeches of play.

Roughness beneath me warm

And hard felt, then forgotten.

Consciousness drifts among

Clouds in azure sky.

Pool water lapping near,

Shimmering diamonds

The sparkling scatters with

Plunging bodies.

Swirling around me

Chirping voices, life, buzzing

Heat radiates up

Lulling me further.

Images and sound knock about

Shooting crazy half dreams

Through me,

Swimming and colliding.

Children squeal

I hear them, but don’t.

My body is heavy, sinking

Concrete digs into me unaware

Captive in sleep

Heat caressing, trapped in,

Water spits cold shock

I leap to awareness.

--Julie Valentine



EmbarrassedI was incredibly embarrassed the other day. I’m certain my face turned 5 shades of red…As I was signing up the children for Barnes and Nobles’ book club, I could not think of the years of my children’s births!!!!! I was standing there forever trying to figure out the year! The clerk was FLOORED! Brain freezes happen, but did it have to happen with THAT? Finally, very very flustered, I said, “Well, I have 11 kids and there are more important things to remember…” then I booked it out of there….red face and all. Sigh…Please tell me moments like that aren’t mine alone!

My disclaimer is the fact that I am a mother of 11 children. Yes, I birthed them all myself. Hope that will cut me a little slack…

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